A comment from Friday:

You may have noticed the recent resignation of the Berkshire DA. A friend of a friend says there is a direct connection to Williams. And Adam Falk in particular.

Falk Quad? Odds low and falling fast . . .

From MASS Live:

At an awkwardly timed press conference on Thursday, Berkshire County District Attorney David F. Capeless announced he was planning to retire.

The news, that was billed as a “major announcement” on Wednesday afternoon, came as police reported that apparent human remains were found in Hatfield. That drew the friends of Joanne Ringer, who was last seen in her Clarksburg home on March 2 a year ago, to the scene.

Capeless, who has served as the Berkshire District Attorney since 2004, said he will officially step down from the position on March 15.

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker will appoint Berkshire First District Attorney Paul Caccaviello to take over as his successor.

The Berkshire Eagle provides much more detail:

Pittsfield Police Chief Michael Wynn [Williams ’93] said he was surprised by the announcement, but he understood and respected the decision.

Capeless is a Pittsfield native and is the son of former Pittsfield Mayor Robert Capeless and grandson of former state Rep. Matthew Capeless.

He began his career as an assistant DA in Middlesex County in 1982, and came to work in the Berkshire office in 1991. He was appointed in 2004 to succeed Berkshire District Attorney Gerard Downing, who died while in office.

Caccaviello has been a prosecutor for 28 years, the last 13 of which have been as first assistant DA. In 2008, Caccaviello was named Prosecutor of the Year by the Massachusetts District Attorney’s Association.

He is an active member of the Berkshire County community, serving as a member of the Berkshire Bar Association and the Berkshire Community College Board of Trustees. He attended Western New England School of Law after graduating from North Adams State College and Pittsfield High School.

Opinions from Berkshire readers eagerly sought!

1) I highly doubt that this is related to Adam Falk in any way. Perhaps kt22’s friend of a friend could elaborate? I can’t even imagine what the connection might be. Falk announced his departure last June, which means that he was involved in the Sloan Foundation job search months before that. How could Capeless’s resignation this month possibly be related to Falk? I also can’t come up with a potential link to Williams. Can anyone?

2) Downing (the DA prior to 2004) only appears in EphBlog once, in conjunction with the Gensheimer/Foster rape trial. Capeless also appears only once in a main post. He seems to have been too much of a drug warrior, at least for my tastes. He earns one mention in the Record. But there was also this EphBlog comment last year:

HOWEVER, almost every rape case that arises on a college campus like Williams centers on the issue of capacity-to-consent, and how “seriously” law enforcement treats an accusation made under such circumstances varies, subject to the local D.A.’s unilateral discretion. No way can you say that, as a rule, law enforcement takes these types of cases very seriously.

Take a look at the track record of Berkshire County D.A. David Capeless, as an example. He is the long-time chief flaw enforcement officer for a county that includes multiple college campuses, and NEVER ONCE has he brought rape charges in a capacity-to-consent type case. He pursues child rapists and violent rapists with zeal, but I challenge you to find one single instance where he charged, let alone convicted, a man for assaulting a woman who was incapacitated and legally incapable of providing consent. Capeless clearly refuses to go there, and since he has unilateral, unchecked authority regarding such matters, there’s not a damn thing the complainant can do about it.

True? I don’t know. More background here.

Any opinions on new DA Caccaviello? He does not seem [put on snotty Williams sweater] over-educated . . .

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