From Alumni Office to NW area alums.

Greetings from Williamstown!

The Alumni Relations Office would like to pass along information on the upcoming world premiere of a documentary film about Liv Østhus ’96.

It’s called “Thank You for Supporting the Arts”, and Liv describes it this way, “Blacktop Films followed me for four years and made a full-length feature that is smart, beautiful, and heartwarming. It’s surprisingly wholesome with its focus on Portland, family, and community. Its provocative nature comes primarily from my insistence that stripping is art (and, I guess, all the nudity)”.

I met Ms Østhus, the daughter of a Lutheran Minnesota  minister, in 2009 at the opening for her book at Powell’s Books in Portland. I now have my signed copy of Magic Gardens: The Memoirs of Viva Las Vegas that includes the familiar words “Beat Amherst”.

Liv has been featured many times in Ephblog.

Just search for ‘stripper’.

More information

Full Description 

Directors W. Alexander Jones and Carolann Stoney turn their cameras on Liv Østhus, one of the best-known artists working in Portland’s adult entertainment industry. She also happens to be a published author, musician, breast cancer survivor, mother, and daughter of a preacher.

Better known as Viva Las Vegas, Østhus thus grew to wide notoriety when, along with a handful of other strippers, she faced down Portland city council for greater protections for sex workers. In a city with the highest number of strip clubs per capita in the country (and probably strippers), this unique woman not only revels in the glorious grit of the profession, but also manages to raise social perceptions with her creative successes, bravery, and artistry.

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