Letter to the editor in the Eagle:

This letter is in response to a letter to the editor of The Berkshire Eagle in August of this year. The letter, authored by John Pucci, a donor to my opponent, claimed that the Berkshire district attorney failed to investigate or prosecute over 40 cases of sexual assault reported by Williams College between 2014 and 2016.

The allegations in this letter were extremely disturbing as they are completely contrary to the mission of the office and goal of protecting victims. I contacted both Williams College and the Williamstown Police Department to begin an inquiry into the matter and found that Mr. Pucci’s claims were not only without merit, but misleading, ill-informed, and insensitive to victims.

What I discovered was that the majority of the information provided by Williams College to the Williamstown Police Department did not contain sufficient data to permit a thorough investigation by law enforcement.

We in the DA’s office fully respect the rights of victims who chose to remain anonymous and not move forward with an investigation and we understand that the college also has an obligation to provide a safe atmosphere for its students to speak freely. What is disappointing, and irresponsible, is that Mr. Pucci chose to blame the Berkshire district attorney’s office for the nature of Williams College’s public disclosures of sexual violence. Politicizing this issue was not ” just politics” — it is just wrong.

Paul Caccaviello,


The writer is Berkshire district attorney and is running as a write-in candidate for election on Nov. 6.

1) Caccaviello is 100% correct. If Williams College won’t report the names of alleged victims or perpetrators, there is hardly anything that the DA or police can do.

2) Williams is 100% correct to not report things to police against the wishes of alleged victims. It is their decision to make.

3) John Pucci is either a knave or a fool.

4) Any comments on the DA race? See here for previous coverage and related links. Does Caccaviello have a chance? I doubt it. Write in candidates (almost) never win. Is there any scenario in which Andrea Harrington is not the next Berkshire DA?

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