We need neutral — but descriptive! — terminology for students/faculty/staff at Williams who complain about and/or seek to change certain aspects of the College. I have, on occasion, used the abbreviation SJW (for Social Justice Warrior) for this group, but several readers complained about this usage. On Tuesday, I went with “social justice left,” which to my mind, has more-or-less the same meaning as SJW but without the sneering baggage.

What do readers think?

I am talking about Ephs who do things like attack Storytime or Dean Dave or the JA system or inviting Republicans to campus from an explicitly progressive or left-wing point of view. I don’t like using a shorter term like “progressive” or “leftist,” because doing so hides the fact that none of these are economic issues. These are matters of social and intellectual life with no connections to wages or other traditional left concerns.

If readers don’t like “social justice left,” then what would they recommend? An anodyne term like “activist” is no good because it does not even give a hint on the perspective from which these Ephs operate.

UPDATE: I am looking for neutral terminology like, for example, “neocon.” Not all neocons agree with each other and not all neocons care about the same issues. But there is a coherent neocon world view, related to the usefulness and morality of armed US intervention abroad. Having a word to describe people with these views is helpful. What word(s) should we use to describe Ephs with certain views on the problems with Storytime, Dean Dave, the JA system, Republican talks on campus and so on?

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