Dave Fehr writes:

Ephmen definitely need a solid win today following a disappointing win at 4-12 Bates and a heartbreaking, last second loss at Amherst (our first of year).

In both games our greatest weapon, shooting, was lacking. Part of that was due to defense, Bates 1-3-1 zone and Jeffs (oops, Mammoths) tight man-man, especially on Heskett and Casey. Still, if we want to accomplish big things this year, we’ve got to find a way to score more.

One very encouraging sign: Our interior defense was immense at Amherst: Not normally a shot-blocking team, we sent back ten of their shots (Karp 4, Heskett and Soto 2 each) and did it without fouling – Mammoths went to the line just 7 times. However, that forced them outside and they won by making 11 of 23 threes (Williams just 6 of 22).

If we can beat Midd (who will probably be worried about being marooned in Williamstown for six days) we’ll remain undefeated in NESCAC. They have two veteran bigs, McCord and Folger, rebound well (plus 9.4 margin) and block shots (average 5.9/ga).

My favorite micro-aggression is referring to Amherst’s teams as the Jeffs. Long may it continue!

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