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Why Aren’t You Listening? – Partial Transcript

I have loaded a partial transcript of some of the most offensive and extreme comments made at the CC meeting. I created it by leveraging the Word document posted on Ephblog and then reviewing the video. It is shocking stuff. There is evidence in this video of a lot of dysfunction including the efforts of one speaker to shame student representative Tristan Whalen for seemingly not listening respectfully enough to a stream-of-consciousness tirade of anti-white bigotry.

To his credit, Whalen defended himself. He requested that he be treated in a courteous manner as he responded to the attackers. He pointed out that he had been listening and that what he was writing up were his own notes on the attacker’s comments. At any rate, I will not post the transcript here. It is quite offensive. You can access it over at my Anonymous Political Scientist blogsite here.

The only other thing I would like to add to the discussion is the manner in which the speaker, Isaiah, is permitted, without any complaints, to use the N-word, use foul language, articulate racial stereotypes, and endlessly refer to ****-sucking. In Isaiah’s view, simply being polite and following normal procedures is tantamount to working as a cheap prostitute on a busy thoroughfare. My sense is this was all an expression of his power over the group. It is difficult, if not impossible, to imagine that a white student saying the exact same things would be given such deference.

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7 Comments To "Why Aren’t You Listening? – Partial Transcript"

#1 Comment By mcbetz On April 16, 2019 @ 9:11 am

This video is disturbing on many levels:
1) Both of the inflammatory speakers do not seem to be able to make their point without the overuse of profanity.
2) They also complain that they “have to go to work” and they “have homework to do.” Guess what. That’s life babe. Grow up.
3) No one in the room confronted them. Why? Because they would have been labeled racists.

#2 Comment By ’11 On April 16, 2019 @ 12:44 pm

I hated how white New Englanders looked down on fried chicken when I lived in Boston and is a major part of why I decided to move (the other part being racism, though I suspect the two are related). There is basically no place to buy it in Boston except in predominantly black neighborhoods such as Roxbury or Roslindale. I am pretty sympathetic with the speaker. She just wants a couple hundred bucks so she can buy some fried chicken.

#3 Comment By ’11 On April 16, 2019 @ 12:51 pm

I would also like to say that “fuckin” is used in many other parts of the country as a filler word such as “like” or “um.” In New England almost used it like that though.

#4 Comment By current student ’19 On April 16, 2019 @ 2:09 pm

Why is that the photo used? When the student came in calmly asking for funding? Is it bad for the students to be asking for funding for a program that allows students to speak truthfully about their experience as black students on this campus? Is it bad to ask for funding SPECIFICALLY to welcome black students on a campus that has not been historically made for them, thus leading to although meeting updated diversity quotas, does not mean its a comfortable space for black students.

#5 Comment By John Drew On April 17, 2019 @ 4:18 pm

The way that the speaker treated Tristan Whalen is unforgivable. I’ve seen this sort of reverse racial hatred before, especially in the case of Evergreen State College.

Plenty of other student representatives in the video don’t seem to care about the rant. Whalen, however, gets picked on – and publicly shamed – largely because he a blond, white guy. I found the efforts to control his behavior – to force him to signal interest in anti-white bigotry – to be cruel and offensive.

It is clear to me that the administration at Williams College has created a hostile social environment were it is OK for blacks to mistreat whites. As mcbetz notes above, no one confronts the verbal abuser because to do so would apparently mark them as a racist.

The bottom line is that this episode is the logical result of the new politics of identity. Notice that the black activist students are not asking to be treated equally, they are asking for special treatment.

The utter silence of the white students in the face of this unrelenting verbal abuse illustrates how much special treatment black activist students are already receiving from their cowed and visibly oppressed peers.

#6 Comment By Williamstown Resident On April 18, 2019 @ 6:19 am

John Drew is spot on. This is what happens when political correctness and affirmative action evolve into identity politics. No one wants to speak out against even this sort of delusional ranting lest they be labeled a racist.

#7 Comment By John Drew On April 18, 2019 @ 3:09 pm

We are definitely seeing a new, even more controlling and even more dysfunctional political ideology taking hold of our nation’s colleges. It isn’t the old-fashioned, non-violent, fairness-oriented, free speech liberalism that I grew up with in the 1970s.

It is a new, ruthless, intolerant Stalinist leftism. As James Lewis wrote in American Thinker:

This is the Left that keeps imposing ever-harsher speech and behavior codes on college students, with white guys as the official scapegoats. This Left manipulates universities by mob threats. This is the Left that tried to physically attack General David Petraeus at NYU, so he had to run for it.

I should add that it is a new left where diversity now requires administrators to enforce uniformity of thought. It is also a left which does not hesitate to use threats or violence to get its way. We have already seen how fear of violence caused the organizers of Uncomfortable Learning to cancel an appearance by Suzanne Venker at Williams College.

Earlier, I wrote an article on what appeared to me to be mob rule at Williams College. This was for the now defunct Williams Alternative. You can access that article on my blog. See,

Purple Bruises: Mob Rule at Williams College

For me, the video of the black activist students disrupting the College Council meeting is a telling indicator of a campus culture which has become unsafe and oppressive.