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Total Meltdown

Nicholas Goldrosen, managing editor for the Williams Recordreports to his readers some of the reactions to the bigoted anti-white tirade unleashed by a leading CARE Now activist during the College Council meeting of April 9, 2019.

“One YouTube video by a white nationalist commentator featuring the livestream gained over 100,000 views as of yesterday,” wrote Goldrosen.

He is referring to above video created by James Allsup, 24. This video has received 4,698 comments and 133,114 views as of May 7, 2019. Allsup describes himself as a “paleoconservative” and a “right-wing libertarian.”

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9 Comments To "Total Meltdown"

#1 Comment By Albert CaMoo On May 8, 2019 @ 6:30 am

I’m glad JCD is saying the quiet part out loud and is now just posting white nationalists to the blog.

#2 Comment By David Dudley Field ’25 On May 8, 2019 @ 9:04 am

CaMoo: Did you watch the video? What parts did you disagree with? What factual mistakes did Allsup make?

Alsup is not a “white nationalist.” He is an “American nationalist.”

Do you not think that JCD should post a video about Williams, a video mentioned in a Record article, just because you disagree with the vloggers politics?

#3 Comment By CaMoo On May 8, 2019 @ 11:24 am

Allsup is not a “white nationalist.” He is an “American nationalist.”

I will address my problems with the video below, but this statement displays mind-numbing levels of ignorance. I am curious if you even read the Wikipedia page you cited and find it questionable that you take the “American Nationalist” claim at its pure face value. The Wiki cites numerous links in which allegations of him being a white nationalist are made. Never the less, I will lay out why he is, without question, a white nationalist.

Unite The Right and Allsup

In the above video, around the 2:14 mark, Allsup is marching close behind a person waving an Identity Evropa Flag. Identity Evropa is a white nationalist organization, as seen in This LA Times Reporting.

Furthermore, Allsup is marching behind a man flying the Traditionalist Workers Part flag at around the 3:00 and 3:53 minute marks. The TWP is a notable White Nationalist organization. The ADL calls them such in clear terms.

Furthermore, Allsup marches with and laughs with the people around him who make jokes and proclamations about “niggers” (apologies if this is against blog policy, but its important context).

Most damning are Allsup reactions and interactions with regards to prominent White Nationalist figures. At the 3:10 mark, Allsup displays vocal enthusiasm towards meeting Richard Spencer. Spencer is an avowed White Nationalist, as the Atlantic fairly reports here.

Around the 4:40 mark, Allsup professes a worrying level of admiration towards David Duke. This requires no explanation.

Is it not a fair characterization to say that someone who marches alongside White Nationalists, jokes alongside White Nationalists, and joins White Nationalist organizations is a White Nationalist himself.

Furthermore, in his own words, Allsup says “the great replacement is underway and it is is our job to make sure it remains just a fantasy.” Harkening to the broader “great replacement theory that posits the destruction and replacement of the white race. This is a common trope repeated by white nationalists who view whiteness as a centerpiece of American Identity.

James Allsup is certainly a White Nationalist and I believe that I believe that I have provided adequate evidence.

On its own merits, the video is also bad. Divorced from whatever Allsup believes, its analysis lacks any Williams-linked understanding of the request for funding in the broader context of ongoing campus issues, including affinity housing and care now. The video provides no additional information that has not been reported more clearly in other places, simply falling back on the tired trope that the meeting was simply the newest example of “the left being out of their mind.”

The video provides poorly reasoned analysis and, either maliciously or stupidly, has pictures of random black students and alludes to unrelated events that have no bearing on the events.

JCD can do whatever he wants, but posting the poorly reasoned video by an avowed white nationalist in an uncritical way would appear, to me, to be bad for general discourse.

#4 Comment By abl On May 8, 2019 @ 3:05 pm

Alsup is not a “white nationalist.” He is an “American nationalist.”

I don’t know about that. This is from the link to which you cite (wikipedia): “Allsup has been described as white supremacist[1][2] and a white nationalist;[3][4][5][6].” Note: Wikipedia credits Fox News, Buzzfeed, the Verge, and The Atlantic, among others, as labeling Allsup as a white supremacist/white nationalist. Also from your source: “He is a member of the American Identity Movement, a white nationalist and neo-Nazi organization.[9][10][11]”

So, to be fair, you could say that ‘Allsup does not label himself as a white nationalist.” But I don’t think this is the sort of term that generally requires self-identification. It is entirely possible to be a white nationalist / white supremacist without wanting to be labeled as such. (And, indeed, given that we are mostly taught today in school that it’s bad to be a “white supremacist,” but we aren’t really taught why, it is an increasingly common position for people who are white supremacists to prefer not to be labeled as such.)

#5 Comment By abl On May 8, 2019 @ 3:07 pm

Do you not think that JCD should post a video about Williams, a video mentioned in a Record article, just because you disagree with the vloggers politics?

Ephblog should not be driving traffic to, or in other ways amplifying the message of, white supremacists. I’m not saying this because I disagree with white supremacists (although I do).

#6 Comment By Johnny On May 8, 2019 @ 4:40 pm

How about disagreeing with the content of the video instead of just labeling the guy? Thing is – he makes excellent points in the video. Can’t really refute anything he says, so you take to propaganda. Heil, abl.

#7 Comment By David Dudley Field ’25 On May 8, 2019 @ 8:25 pm

Is it not a fair characterization to say that someone who marches alongside White Nationalists, jokes alongside White Nationalists, and joins White Nationalist organizations is a White Nationalist himself?

Nope. I (and many democrats!) have marched with Marxists, joked with Marxists and been taught by Marxists [Hello Professor Tauber!]. That does not make me a Marxist. I am a Marxist if I say, “I am a Marxist.” If I say, “I am not a Marxist,” then, first pass, you ought to take me at my word.

But let’s not litigate this point. Call Allsup whatever you like.

Is there anything in the video which is not an accurate characterization of what went on at Williams? I don’t think it is generous, or completely fair, but it does provide a very handy summary, selecting exactly those portions, out of a 2 hour CC meeting, which are most interesting.

#8 Comment By John Drew On May 8, 2019 @ 9:27 pm

– CaMoo

I think you are being unfair to James Allsup. Right now, it seems like anyone interested in pushing back against the hateful, violent, anti-white bias of identity politics quickly gets branded as a white nationalist. Even if they have no idea of what the term means.

The other side of the story is that Allsup says he attended the rally as a journalist. He considers himself a paleo-conservative and a right wing libertarian. I think you should cut him some slack unless you precisely define white nationalism and then present written evidence that Allsup currently promotes that ideology.

After all, you can hate all the things that harm whites – affirmative action, illegal immigration, and a culture of open hostility – without simultaneously being a white nationalist.

Moreover, you do not automatically become a white nationalist simply because you believe the Democrat party is seeking to dilute the percentage of whites in the electorate as part of a larger effort to bring about socialism.

As for the video itself, I think Allsup edited the anti-white rant fairly and even expressed his sympathy for the verbally abusive students on occasion. Finally, his video highlighted one of my observations of the rant, an observation which was reported in the original article by The College Fix:

If you have ever been around a domestic abuser, you will quickly recognize this controlling behavior for the abuse it is. No one should be forced or shamed into listening to verbal abuse. No one.

Black students explode in anger at white students in vulgarity-laced rant (VIDEO)

As the college processes the ramifications of this anti-white bigotry, I think popular opinion has sided with me on this matter. It was wrong for the CARE Now leaders to verbally abuse the white students. Moreover, it was unnecessary and even unhelpful for the white students to endure this mistreatment without protest.

#9 Comment By John C Drew On May 9, 2019 @ 8:09 pm

What if the fight to stop hate speech is more harmful than the speech itself? Worth watching in full.

5 Reasons Why We Need Hate Speech

Note: The courageous Zach Wood ’18 appears at 2:30 and 11:25.