First Democrat Candidate’s Debate – Debate Muy Aburrido

I live Tweeted the first Democrat party debate. Unfortunately, it looks like Beto O’Rourke, the husband of Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03, didn’t do anything to stand out. Even worse, he took killer blows from Julian Castro. Castro appeared to be intent on knocking down a fellow Texan and portraying O’Rourke as an unstudied, heartless fellow who would allow children to be separated from their parents for no reason at all.

The funniest moment in the debate, however, occurred when O’Rourke freaked out Booker and Warren by speaking Spanish. Check out the video below:

If I was investing in Democrat party candidates, I’d put money on De Blasio and Klobuchar. I was extremely surprised at how well De Blasio did. Chris Matthews at MSNBC was also impressed and surprised by De Blasio’s performance.

As for the next tier, I thought Warren looked elderly and overwhelmed. By the end of the evening, I was wondering how she got elected as a Senator. She looks like a crotchety nobody. Booker seemed one-dimensional. Standing on that stage, I thought Castro looked too small to be a male presidential candidate.

At the bottom, I would say Democrats should definitely keep the following candidates out of the next debate: Delaney, Inslee, Ryan, O’Rourke, and Gabbard.

Second Democrat Candidate’s Debate – Hola Presidente Buttigieg?

I live Tweeted the second Democrat party debate too. I didn’t need my conversational Spanish skills for this one. As far as I could tell, the MSNBC pundit class continued to beat up on the beleagured Beto O’Rourke, the husband of Amy Sanders O’Rourke ’03, by suggesting that he was being pushed out of the younger white guy lane by Congressman Swalwell and Mayor Pete.

The most significant conflict, however, was between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. She personalized Joe’s earlier effort to restrict busing and scored some points which might hurt Joe among those who wish to punish him for his earlier views/positions. I think it is silly to count out Joe. Chris Matthews at MSNBC embarrassed himself by suggesting, in an interview with Kamala, that Joe was finished. Personally, I thought Kamala looked rude and mean through much of the debate. She may not have gotten the memo from Hillary on the likability issue.

After doing some research, I discovered that I’m more African-American than Kamala. She is Indian-Jamaican. At least, I have two parents born in the U.S. It turns out, she was not raised by her Jamaican dad at all. Her parents separated when she was only seven-years old and she was raised by her Indian mom. Even worse, she grew up in Canada! I also found that Kamala married a white guy. This was after sleeping her way to the top by having an affair with a married black man, Willie Brown. Her non-black life experience explains why she puts on a phony, cringe-worthy Ebonic accent every once in a while. (Since when does poor enunciation make you an authentic African-American?) She’s an identity politics poser, a moral disgrace, a useless affirmative action gamer who never ran a business or met a payroll. The more folks learn about Kamala, the less they will believe she holds “American” values. How does banging a married man illustrate positive values?

If I was dependent on the success of the Democrat party’s candidates, I’d put more money on Buttigieg. I thought he did an outstanding job. His high IQ and understanding of the details of both military matters and the Chinese tariff where impressive to me.

As for the next tier, I thought Hickenlooper conducted himself well.

My personal favorite, Marianne  Williamson, scored points by reframing the health care debate to stress the importance of holistic medicine. I reacted to her debate performance by joining the conservative movement to keep her on the debate stage. Trish and I both donated a dollar to her campaign. You can too simply by going to her website at

Gillibrand was just too annoying for words. After Gillibrand, Swalwell was the most cloying. Bennet was okay, but forgettable. Andrew Yang forgot to wear a tie. He didn’t seem very bright for a tech guy.

Finally, I think Bernie was the biggest loser of the night. He looks like someone who will never again rise to the top. His cra cra socialist revolution looks like feckless nonsense now that he is competing with a field of strong candidates and not serving as Hillary’s impotent leftist conscience. Bernie spent his honeymoon in the Soviet Union. He looks on track to have his funeral and burial in Red Square too. In the video below, Bernie frightens Biden with his fingers.


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