I received the email below the break the other day. Basically, it asks alumni to send a note to the current Williams student who uses that alumni’s old SU Box. This is not the first year of the program. I have never participated but I wonder if any EphBlog readers have and what their experience was. I am most interested to hear from an Eph who was on the receiving end of one of these notes.

As the calendar turns to August and our international heat wave persists (at least for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!), it may be surprising to think that Williams students are getting ready to come to campus for the fall semester. And yet move-in day for the Class of 2023 is just around the corner, on Monday, August 26, with returning undergrads to follow shortly thereafter.

You may recall that for the past several years we have been inviting you to connect with students with your old S.U. Box with a welcome note. This has been quite a successful endeavor; last year 1,730 alums, ranging from the classes of 1950 to 2018, wrote such notes. And those notes have been exceptionally well received. So with this email I invite you to participate in this year’s program, either again or for the first time.

Many of you shared advice for classes and careers, or heartfelt stories about meeting spouses and best friends. Perhaps there’s a professor you think they should check out, or a favored quiet spot on campus where they can chill. Hey, give directions to “The Tubs” if you know them, or reminisce about the Donut Man or Mountain Day! Or tell them about life at Williams in the prehistoric times before cell phones and the Internet. Your notes will certainly give our students a good idea of how supportive the Williams’ alumni community is, a network they will join at the end of four years.
Send a Note to a Current Student with Your S.U. Box
If you are so inclined, please send in your note by Friday, August 16th.
There are a few more ways to support today’s students:
Meet up with incoming first years (Class of 2023) at regional send-off parties
Sign up to be a mentor on EphLink
Make a gift (we couldn’t resist)
Thanks for being part of what makes our alumni community so unique!

Best wishes,

Tom Gardner ‘79
President of the Society of Alumni

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