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Eph Send-off Party

According to Maud’s Instagram (@williamspresident, if you don’t follow her), Williams’ president attended the Princeton Regional Send-Off for new Ephs. I assume this is because she has roots in the area, having grown up in Princeton and attended elementary through high school there.

Meanwhile, I attended my first Regional Send-Off, going to a sadly Maud-less party recently. I never attended one of these parties when I was actually a new Eph, though I’m fairly sure my family received an invitation. There were a good number of new Ephs there, who seemed somewhat unsure about what exactly they were there to do, and many of them clumped together and met each other. That said, most of the alumni present were incredibly eager to engage the new students and give them as much advice as possible.

Seeing on my nametag that I had just graduated, some new students specifically came up and asked me if I had advice for them. I had an unexpected amount of trouble coming up with advice when asked for it. Maybe I’m still too close to my own Williams experience; I definitely feel that I haven’t yet fully reflected and synthesized it into a few easy things to tell them. Mostly, I turned it back on them, asked what classes they had signed up for, and talked about my experiences if I was familiar with the class or professor; I gave them some idea of what to expect during first days; and I plugged my club as one they should check out when they get to the Purple Key Fair.

Most students get to campus next Monday; first-generation and international students arrive tomorrow. What advice would you give to new Ephs as they’re about to step on campus for the first time as students?

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2 Comments To "Eph Send-off Party"

#1 Comment By Whitney Wilson ’90 On August 22, 2019 @ 4:27 pm

I would tell new Ephs to try to take advantage of some of the speakers/acts that come to campus. Try to go to something at least once per month. You’ll never have a better opportunity to do those sorts of things.

#2 Comment By Williams Alum On August 22, 2019 @ 11:35 pm

This is an excellent post. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Go to stuff! Outside the classroom, like Whitney said, but also office hours.
Invite Maud to your entry snacks. She will come. Get to know an entry mate you don’t talk to every month.