Via Facebook:

Hi all — could really use some help/advice here. My daughter (senior) is applying to medical school. She’s been given eight interviews thus far, and, for most of these, has not been able to pick a date/time. As a result, she — like thousands of premed students across the country — will have to miss class. One professor for a required class is refusing to authorise more than two absences. This means my daughter will not be able to attend medical school interviews. She spoke to one of the deans this afternoon and was told she would have to make a choice between medical school interviews (plus unexcused absences) and cancelling medical school interviews (so no medical school). I’m outraged that the school would not accommodate medical school interviews and require my daughter to make this choice. First interview is in two weeks so this is time sensitive — any and all suggestions are welcome, including for lawyers as we are prepared to file a legal complaint.

I bet a call to Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom from a lawyer might help along matters . . .

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