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Former Williams College student Yoonsang Bae has been found guilty of raping a classmate five years ago.

Bae ’17 graduated Phi Beta Kappa and played rugby. I suspect that the Bae case was among those discussed by then-Dean Bolton here.

Of the 13 individuals reporting these incidents, six have chosen to take part in investigation and adjudication through the college as of now (three cases regarding sexual assault, two cases regarding stalking, and one case regarding retaliation.) Investigation and adjudication through the college remain an option as long as the respondent is a member of the college community.

Two of the three cases of sexual assault resulted in findings of responsibility, as did one of the two cases of stalking and the case of retaliation. All students found responsible for these violations were separated from the college. One student was expelled, and the others were suspended for terms ranging from one semester to two years.

I think that the time line was as follow. Bae arrives at Williams in the fall of 2011 as a member of the class of 2015. He spends junior year (2013-2014) at Williams Oxford. The rape happens in July 2014. Bae is expelled for two years, which he spent in the Korean military. He returns and graduates in 2017.

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He was convicted on Friday in Berkshire Superior Court by Judge Michael Callan of a single count of rape relating to an on-campus incident in 2014.

The 27-year-old Bae will be sentenced on Friday, Sept. 13.

Is Bae currently in custody? I suspect not. Would you recommend that he flee? Tough call! He is a citizen of South Korea, so he has a place/family to go to. What are the extradition arrangements between the US and Korea? I suspect that short, young, Asian, foreign convicted rapists do not have a particular enjoyable stay in Massachusetts state prison.

The victim, who was 19 at the time, testified that after attending an event with Bae, she returned to his room for a drink. She then got sick from the alcohol and Bae placed her in his bed where she passed out. When she awoke, Bae was raping her. He refused to stop despite her protests. The two were both Williams College students at the time.

Given that it was July, the victim was probably either a rising sophomore or junior.

She reported the rape to New York authorities, contacted the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, and underwent a sexual assault examination at a hospital in New York. Williams College investigated the incident and suspended Bae for two years. The Williamstown Police Department conducted a criminal investigation.

“I want to thank the victim in this case for her strength and courage,” District Attorney Andrea Harrington said. “She is a hero for coming forward and sharing her story. My office will not plea rape charges down to lesser offenses when we have victims who wish to go to trial.

“When I took office in January, my first priority was to seek justice for victims by aggressively prosecuting violent crime. This is what being tough on crime should look like.”

Elections have consequences. We discussed Harrington’s campaign and her focus on sexual assault last year.

Bae was indicted on a single count of rape on Aug. 9, 2017.

Sorry for the delay in our coverage. Was this mentioned anywhere?

Will the Record cover this story? I doubt it! Prove me wrong!

Prosecutors say he had been offered an agreement by the prior administration that would have allowed him to plead to the lesser charge of indecent assault and battery and that the case would have been continued without a finding of guilt. Bae did not accept the plea agreement.

That looks like a bad decision now.

After taking office, Harrington said she did not extend any plea bargains and opted to pursue the rape charge instead, culminating in Friday’s guilty verdict.

The case was prosecuted by Stephanie Ilberg.

Is there anyway for us to get transcripts of the trial?

See below the break for lots of interesting details from this excellent Berkshire Eagle article:

“I knew that something bad had happened to me.”

That was part of the testimony from a woman who said she was sexually assaulted by Yoonsong Bae in July 2014 when the two were both students at Williams College.

The woman, who was 19 at the time, said Bae assaulted her in his dorm room after she was sick and had passed out from drinking.

Bae, 27, is facing a bench trial before Judge Michael Callan on one count of rape stemming from the alleged assault. The woman was the state’s first witness.

The woman said she had traveled from New York to visit friends, including Bae, on the Williams College campus.

She said after watching a play, she, Bae and another male student went back to Bae’s room, where she drank at least 1 1/2 mixed drinks made with beer, tequila and orange liquor.

She testified she went to Bae’s room to try the drink he’d described and to catch up with him as he’d just returned from a year of studying abroad. About midnight, the other male left and she stayed behind for about another hour, she testified.

As some point, she became ill from drinking and went to the bathroom to vomit.

She testified she was incapacitated to the point she couldn’t walk herself and that Bae carried her back to his room and put her in his bed, where she passed out.

When she awoke later, she said, her pants and underwear had been removed and Bae was having sex with her. She said he refused to stop, despite her protests.

The woman said Bae apologized when she confronted him the following night during a dinner with a group of friends.

Under cross-examination by Bae’s attorney, Charles Dolan, the woman couldn’t recall the exact language Bae used and acknowledged there were details of that night she also couldn’t recall.

She testified that at the end of the weekend visit, she accepted a ride from Bae back to Albany, where she was catching a bus back home. She said that ride had been arranged before the assault and that Bae indicated he wanted to talk to her about the incident.

When Bae dropped her off, she told him to never contact her again.

She reported the assault to New York authorities and contacted the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN). She also underwent a sexual assault examination at a New York hospital.

According to information aired in court, Williams College investigated the matter and suspended Bae for two years and barred him from campus during that time.

The woman testified that, at first, she elected to not pursue criminal charges against Bae, with the understanding she could at a later date.

After she graduated and Bae had completed his suspension, she decided to go forward with the criminal case in part out of concerns that if she didn’t pursue the charges, she might be subjecting other people to Bae’s behavior.

She also said she felt she was more emotionally ready to do so in 2017, rather than immediately after the incident.

The case is being prosecuted by Assistant Berkshire District Attorney Stephanie Ilberg.

Testimony is expected to continue Friday.

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