Former Williams head football coach Aaron Kelton was in the news recently, taking over as Howard University’s interim football coach after Howard head football coach Ron Prince was placed on administrative leave:

In his first season running the Bison’s football program, Prince had reportedly been accused of abusive behavior by at least one parent of a Howard player. Howard is “committed to completing our internal investigation of the allegations involving concerns about the football program,” Athletic Director Kery Davis said Wednesday in a statement. Davis added that Director of Football Operations Aaron Kelton will serve as the football team’s interim coach “until further notice.” “Howard University is committed to ensuring our athletic programs reflect Howard’s core mission and values,” Davis said, “and to ensuring the well-being and success of all student athletes.”

I think its rare for a coach to come back from administrative leave like this (but I don’t know for sure, so informed correction welcome), so I would guess that Howard will be looking for a new coach for next season.  If so, I wonder if Kelton will get a reasonably opportunity to get the head job.  Based on this very interesting article from 2018, Kelton is definitely interested in being a head coach again:

There is no telling how long Kelton will remain on the Morgan State staff. One thing is for sure, he wants to have his own program again at some point.

“My time will come, and I’ll get back into it. Right now is not the time for me,” he said. “I’m enjoying football, continuing to be a football coach and a football fan.”

Based on the 2018 article, it appears that Kelton did not burn any bridges when he left Williamstown, despite the fact that (as far as I know), his departure was not entirely voluntary:

Things did not end well for Aaron Kelton in Williamstown, but the veteran coach did tell me that he is keeping an eye on how Mark Raymond’s Ephs are doing.

“I have a ton of players who we are regularly in touch through social media. I do follow the teams,” he said. “I wrote a note to the [Williams Sideline] Quarterbacks Club. I just wanted to let them know thank you for the time they have given me.”

I wonder whether Kelton has hired former Eph players as assistant coaches since his departure from Williams, or former players from his other coaching stops.  In any event, best of luck to Coach Kelton as he finishes up Howard’s season and progresses on in his career.

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