The Record‘s Op-Ed section seems to have become something of a meme recently, with students giving it an unusual amount of (negative) attention. Several Op-eds are responsible for this (see Op-eds relating to Kleiner and to Mauna Kea), but those are notable in large part because they form a professors-vs-students dichotomy on campus. In contrast, a controversial series of articles has emerged as an argument within the student body: the slutty bitch chronicles.

The original:

In defense of the slutty bitch: Not letting society dictate women’s preferences

The response:

Hold “slutty bitch” accountable for her actions: Being cis, white and privileged is never an excuse for being colorblind or trans-exclusionary

The counter-response

Guilty by omission?: Standing trial: A defense of “In defense of the slutty bitch”

Personally, I found the original article to be pretty poorly written and not to have much of a point, the second article to be over the top in its indignant outrage towards an opinion that really wasn’t much of an opinion in the first place, and the third, while a fair response to the second, just totally unnecessary to write (did these two mediocre op-eds really need a third response?).

Thankfully, something good has come out of this dumpster fire: from the Op-eds section being something of a meme have emerged some great actual memes on Williams Memes for Sun-Dappled Tweens.

And my favorite, of particular relevance to the present audience:


(At least one of these memers had to have visited EphBlog at least once in their lives, to grab that screenshot for the last meme. So on the off chance you’re reading this:

  1. Yes, stealing memes for a post is very lazy journalism, worthy of the worst of BuzzFeed. Guilty as charged. But it’s a meme, that’s what happens.
  2. Do student memers want to be credited? I’m not doing so because when I was a student I would not have wanted my name to be associated with EphBlog in any way, shape, or form, but on the other hand it’s your content that we’re…profiting? off of? [Does EphBlog make anything close to a profit?] And posting on a private meme page is not granting permission to have your name publicly associated with that material, so while I can somewhat justify to myself reposting the memes because that’s what memes are, I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing so with names.)
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