I loved my time at Williams and feel very fortunate to have been a student there. While I have an almost endless list of things that I am grateful for, near the top of the list are the relationships I had with a few professors over the years. Here is a tweet from Professor Sarah Jacobson that illustrates that those kind of relationships continue to this day:

Sarah Jacobson


Dec 2

“Can I brag and be proud that my independent study student from last spring (at the time a sophomore) got her term paper published in an undergrad econ journal? And that the paper had a lovely pun in the title? I think I can, right?”

Here’s the link to the paper itself, which concludes “We need to research policies that will help provide for this increasing energy demand, but at the same time will reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”


Isn’t it great that Williams has small class sizes where close relationships with professors can be built and magic like this can happen?


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