I think the Record generally does a good, but not fantastic, job; I wouldn’t praise it as highly as Whitney did earlier this week, for example, when it came to that specific article (in an article about how the opioid crisis is affecting Berkshire County, it seems important to me to interview the people actually affected by the crisis and not just the public officials responding and the academics studying it).

That said, I just discovered Press Record, the Record‘s “weekly podcast that gives an overview of the week’s top news and delves into a few stories.” (It’s pronounced re-CORD, as in Press [the] Record [button]…clever!) And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed what I’ve listened to so far from it!

It’s clear that podcast editor RB Smith is pretty into podcasts; from the smooth editing and sound quality to the jingle (a vibraphone-sounding cover of “The Mountains”) to Smith’s vocal cadences (he isn’t always the narrator for the episodes, but when he is, the way he speaks echoes the way great podcasters tend to speak), it’s clear they’ve taken their cues from the likes of This American Life, and the result is high quality and enjoyable.

Check it out with Press Record’s latest episode, “12 Hours in Tunnel City,” where, as part of the Record’s Town and Gown themed issue, Smith and Record editor of communications Rebecca Tauber spend the day in Tunnel City to observe and interview the mix of townies and students who spend their days at the coffee shop. And check out their backlog to tide you over while the Record is on break!

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