As students enjoy the last few days of winter break before returning to campus for winter study, I’m curious: what were all of your favorite parts of winter study?

I generally enjoyed the classes I took. In particular, I loved the one travel course I took, because how could I not? It was fully paid for by the college–which was a major reason I signed up for that one in particular, since I didn’t feel economically able to do many of the others, even after financial aid would help. But, for some reason, the college was offering this course for the low price of $0, so I couldn’t not try to get in. The fact that it was a course in a tropical location during the month of January was a pretty great bonus, too. Educationally, I’d say it was only moderately successful–I wouldn’t say I got much out of it as far as the stated purpose of the course went, and that I more benefitted from just the opportunities to go to places and meet people I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is more of a general travel benefit than a course benefit, but, again–free.

As far as my on-campus classes went, I definitely got something valuable out of them: all were artistic and skills-based, so even if I didn’t always love the classes themselves, I appreciate the skills I got out of them.

My favorite part of winter study was probably the fact that my main extracurricular group was very active during winter study. We put on big events and shows over winter study, and had the time and capacity to host parties and get-togethers, as well. Planning those sorts of events with my favorite people on campus probably makes up many of my favorite memories of winter study.

I realize now that this post is pretty vague, only because I am a recent grad and the exact courses and groups I was in are fairly self-identifying for some students who might be on campus now. But, for those who are willing to be more liberal with sharing their experience, I’d love to hear: what are your favorite experiences and memories from winter study?

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