I am bringing my older son to visit Williams at the end of February.  It is a college he is interested in, and he has been there before (I brought him to my 25th reunion 5 years ago, and some earlier reunions as well), but not since he has become fully invested in the college search process.  Unfortunately, the timing of our trip means we will be in Williamstown on a Saturday afternoon, and the Admissions Office appears to be closed, and no tours are offered.  So that means that yours truly is going to play the role of tour guide, and I would love to be able to provide information which is pertinent to today’s students, rather than having him be forced to listen to old war stories.

What kinds of things do current students and recent grads suggest I show him and tell him?  Presumably we can’t get into any of the dorms, but he stayed in Mission Park when we were there 5 years ago, so at least he’ll have an idea about that.  Other than it being the greatest college in the world, what makes Williams special, as compared with similar schools, that he might not get from the website?  If he gets in and decides to go, should he try to take a tutorial as a freshman?

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