As long-time EphBlog readers know, there is a school of thought which holds that the primary purpose of Winter Study is to fall in love.  While not all agree, apparently some enterprising students at Williams are now trying to play the role of match-maker.  As reported in the Record, EphMatch has gone live on WSO.  EphMatch is not supposed to be strictly a dating site, according to one of its developers:

who described EphMatch as an app meant more for matching than dating. “[It is] more of a way to connect with fellow students, for friendships and, sure, relationships too,” he said. “There are plenty of people on EphMatch who have stable, healthy relationships and are just looking to be on there, just to check it out.

This sounds pretty healthy to me.  While Williams is small, its not hard to get silo-ed into particular social groups and have a difficult time meeting “new” people.  So to the extent that EphMatch facilitates new friendships between people with common interests (“want to talk about the last season of Survivor?”), it seems like a good thing.  On-line matching of interests happens everywhere now, so why not at Williams too.  If it helps to bring Ephs together, I’m all for it.  Students seem to agree:

In general, students said they found that EphMatch to be a good way to connect with peers who they might not otherwise interact with. “Am I going to find true love on EphMatch?” Maya Principe ’23 asked. “Who knows — maybe. Probably not. Am I going to have fun seeing all my friends’ first-day-of-school pictures? Absolutely.”

Whom might I have met and developed a friendship with but never ran across while I was at Williams?  I’ll never know, of course.  But if EphMatch can help current students, then I’m all for it.  And if it results in an Eph wedding, then so much the better!

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