Which still viable presidential candidate has the closest connection to Williams? Bloomberg!

UPDATE: For those who forget their Williams history.

Good morning, and thank you, President Falk.

Everyone has been telling me what a great job you’re doing – and I’m not surprised, because you came from another great American academic institution: Johns Hopkins University, my alma mater.

But today, I’m honored to be an “Eph!”

Friends, families, faculty – let me begin by offering a big congratulations to every member of the amazingly talented, brilliant, and distinguished class of 2014!

UPDATE: What is the official nomenclature for referring to honorary Ephs? Bloomberg was awarded an honorary degree in 2014. How about:

Student: Sarah Williams ’14
Parent: George Williams, P ’14
Honorary Degree Recipient: Michael Bloomberg, H ’14

If we use P for parents — and that is what the College officially does — then H for honorary degree recipient makes sense. But I have never seen the College do that, or otherwise indicate that someone is an honorary degree recipient.

Comments welcome.

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