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Three Pillars Handout

FAST Funding Body Constitution

FAST Funding Body Bylaws

TABLE Constitution

Williams Student Union Constitution

Williams Student Union Bylaws


The Task Force recommends abolishing College Council and instituting the Three Pillars Plan for student governance. Vote YES on the campus-wide referendum starting this Sunday!

Over the past month, the Task Force has carefully examined the failures of College Council and how best to address them. Our recommendation to the Student Body is to abolish College Council and approve the Three Pillars Plan. The Three Pillars Plan directly addresses the years of inequitable and biased funding, lack of representation in student government, and the inability to effectively advocate for student concerns within College Council.

We acknowledge that no panel, body, or group of students could ever represent the multiplicity and range of life experiences, identities, and viewpoints Williams encompasses, but the Task Force has made huge strides in doing so. Our group of sixteen students, which span different class years, races, nationalities, socioeconomic backgrounds, sexualities, religious affiliations, and student organization affiliations understand the urgency and necessity of an efficient student government, especially at an institution like Williams. Our work has embodied the principles of accessibility, difference, tolerance, equity, and inclusion, and we hope you will support the Three Pillars Plan for the same reasons.

College Council currently has the following responsibilities: allocating funding, appointing students to student-faculty committees, and advocating for student interests. We propose that each of these responsibilities be handled as follows:

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Allocation of money to students and RSOs will be handled by a group of funding facilitators. The funding facilitators will not only approve budget requests but also help RSO treasurers write budgets and request money from other sources on campus. Funding guidelines have been greatly simplified, and are designed to make it easier for students to request funding for campus events. Rejected requests under $2500 will automatically be reviewed by an independent panel. These students will be elected by the student body and paid for their labor. Collectively, the funding facilitators will be known as FAST (‘Facilitators Allocating Student Taxes’).


Currently, the College Council executive board appoints students to student-faculty committees. Instead, the student body will directly elect student chairs of five major student-faculty committees. These Chairs will collectively form TABLE, review all self-nominations, as well as host open-forums and town halls to help bridge the gap between student-faculty committees and the student body.

Williams Student Union:

Finally, we are creating a new smaller advocacy-focused student government, with no executives or subcommittees: The Williams Student Union. We believe that the Union can succeed in advocating for student concerns at Williams without the structural problems of College Council. The Williams Student Union will be created as a pilot program. A referendum will be held on the future of this organization in Spring 2021.

Together, the Three Pillars fulfill the critical roles necessary to support the student body. The Three Pillars Plan uniquely fits the needs of our campus and strips out the bureaucracy and power inequities that hindered College Council’s ability to function. If you are frustrated by the failures of College Council and are ready for an effective student government that actually supports students, then vote YES on the Three Pillars Referendum starting this Sunday at 5PM.

The Constitutions and bylaws for each pillar are attached to this email. If you have questions or want to hear more about the Three Pillars Referendum, the Task Force will be hosting a Town Hall in Baxter Hall on Monday at 8PM.

Submitted to the Student Body by the Task Force on Student Governance:

Szőllősi Bálint ’22, Minority Coalition

Leo Lam Haines ’21, Community-Service Organizations

Onder Kilinc ’23, Minority Coalition

Porter Johnson ’21, College Council

Tyler Johnson ’21,  Club Sports

Adam Jones ’21, At-Large

Shadae McClean ’21, Junior Advisors

Rebecca Park ’22, Faith-Based Organizations

Essence Perry ’22, Strategic Planning

True Pham ’23,  College Council

William Ren ’21, At-Large

Natalie Silver ’22, Student Athletic Advisory Committee

Adly Templeton ’20, College Council

Hipólito Vázquez ’22, Minority Coalition

Nicolle Mac Williams ‘21.5, Performance Organizations

Chenyu Zhang ’22, At-Large

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