From my perspective (which is an admittedly very warped one based wholly on internet communications), a lot of students.

The Three Pillars plan is, of course, the proposed replacement for College Council. In the last few days, the meme page has been full of “Vote Yes” memes, many of which seem to be from the people who were on the task force that wrote the plan. I’ve received several emails from the handful of student group listservs that I’m too sentimental to take my forwarding email off of, all of which are telling me to vote yes–these being rather large student groups that have nothing to do with student politics.

Today, in the Record, the current co-presidents of CC also endorsed the plan that would lead to the abolishment of their positions:

In addition, CC as a body apparently voted to endorse the plan–though it was apparently a heavily divided vote.

In short, though the plan isn’t one that I’d previously heard anything of and seems to have come out of nowhere to some degree for me, it’s one that has all the key student players behind it, so I’m fully expecting Williams to be saying goodbye to CC very soon.

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