Congrats again! Together we created a new government that supports students. The time has come to constitute this government with voices across campus who are dedicated to the ideals of equity, efficiency, and advocacy outlined in their charge.

Submit your self-nominations for Funding Facilitators and the Williams Student Union before Sunday (02/23) at midnight! Self-nominations should be no more than 500 words and may include a photo of your choice.

Here is a little more about the positions you are running for:

FAST – Facilitators Allocating Student Taxes (funding body):

  • The shortest description of the Funding Facilitators is the “TA” of budgets.

  • There are five Funding Facilitator positions on FAST:

    • (1) Student that is affiliated with Club Sports and Competitive Teams;

    • (1) Student that is affiliated with Performance Groups;

    • (1) Student that is affiliated with a Minority Coalition group;

    • (2) Student member(s)-at-large.

  • Funding Facilitators are responsible for:

    • Assisting treasurers of RSOs and students receive funding. This is primarily through helping them draft their budgets/funding requests during “office hours” and accessing other money on campus (Academic Departments, the DC, Dean’s We hope to see your application!

    • Office, etc.)

    • Holding two meetings per week, half of which will be spent as office hours for RSOs and students to receive help writing budgets.

    • Keeping a publicly accessible record of all budget requests, annual budgets, approvals & denials.

    • Helping draft and oversee the approval of annual budgets submitted by RSOs each spring.

  • All funding facilitators will be compensated for their work and time with an $800.00 stipend each semester starting in the fall.

  • Since College Council and FinCom are dissolving on March 1st, the funding facilitators elected this year will oversee the remainder of the budget for the fiscal/academic year 2019-2020, as well as the entirety of the budgeting process for fiscal/academic year 2020/2021.

The Williams Student Union (advocacy body):

  • There are twelve positions on the Union: 3 students from each class.

  • Member of the Union are responsible for:

    • Creating spaces for students to air grievances, talk about student concerns, and voice opinions. This can be through the creation of campus forums, town halls, or open meetings.

    • Holding public and regularly scheduled meetings for students to raise concerns and gather.

    • Creating a publicly-accessible record archive that contains information on current membership and Union issues.

    • Serving as a conduit to the administration to amplify student concerns.

  • Students will serve semester-long terms, your term will finish at the end of this academic year.

  • This is a perfect opportunity to amplify a concern or issue you have at Williams!

You can read more about FAST and the Williams Student Union here: Three Pillars Documents

Good luck in the election and thank you for supporting the student body!

Submitted to the Student Body by the Task Force on Student Governance

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