The results came in this evening, a little later than expected. I have included a link to the election results. JS is technically correct–turnout was lower than the Fall–but not by much (it was still, very, very low). It also appears that there is significant Task Force representation in the new organizations.

DDF UPDATE: For the benefit of future historians, here is a csv of the votes and here is an html summary.

Hello everyone,

The RESULTS are IN! We again would like to thank the many student leaders that ran for either WSU or FAST. Regardless of the results the student body thanks you for both putting yourself out there and embracing a bold vision of student government. We would also like to thank the student body for voting in yet another important election and providing overwhelming support for a student government founded by principles of equity, transparency, and accessibility.

As of March 1st, 2020, College Council is officially defunct. FAST and WSU will assume their roles.

A brief timeline of what comes next:

Tonight: The election closes and representatives for WSU and FAST are announced.

03/01: College Council stands Abolished. The referendum served as a constitutional amendment that rendered the Constitution, bylaws, and any other structural documents of the College Council null and void. FAST and the Williams Student Union shall begin the work of supporting the student body, and shall have all powers and responsibilities enumerated in their respective Constitutions and bylaws. They will host a joint meeting this Sunday where this transition of power will occur.

Late Spring: Elections for TABLE will occur in late spring.

Below are your elected representatives:


Williams Student Union:


Class of 2023 Representatives:

Emmanuelle Copeland, ‘23

Jonah Tobin, ‘23

Cinthya Maldonado, ‘23


Class of 2022 Representatives:

Argenis Herrera, ‘22

Vanessa Oeien, ‘22

Colin Pinney, ‘22


Class of 2021 Representatives:

Jonathan Stasior, ‘21

Ananth Shastri, ‘21


Class of 2020 Representatives:

Shamenek, Sara, ‘20



Club Sports and Competitive Teams Representative:

Tyler Johnson, ‘21


Minority Coalition and Affiliated Groups Representative:

Hipolito Vazquez, ‘22


Performance Groups Representative:

Ana Delgado Fernández, ‘22


At-Large Representatives

Essence Perry, ‘22

Maria Fernanda Estrada, ‘23

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