Back in January, DDF did a series of posts about Johns Hopkins ending preferences for legacies in the admission process. In the comments, fendertweed said, “I definitely know of alums (who are alumni kids too) whose children weren’t accepted at Williams. It definitely left a bad taste there re alumni enthu$ia$m, etc.”

Gen X Alum responded with, “This certainly seems correct to me. This was one of the things I thought about as my kid was deciding on whether to apply to Williams. Not sure how I’ll feel if he’s not accepted this spring. He’s clearly academically qualified and is a pretty interesting kid (I’m biased, I know), but is probably short in the extra-curricular/leadership department. I’m sure Williams won’t miss my money, and I’d like to think I would still give, but I’m not sure how I’ll feel if he doesn’t get in.”

I was surprised by both of these comments. As my children go through the college admission process, it seems clear to me there is a large component of luck. Williams rejects a large number of high quality, well qualified, wonderful kids every year. Whether or not my kid was accepted was not going to change the kind of person they are or how I felt about them. Also, how I feel about Williams was not going to change based on whether or not they accepted my child.

I am curious if most people think along the lines of fendertweed’s contacts and Get X Alum or if they would respond more like me. How would you respond if Williams rejected your child?

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