Williams is cancelling in-person classes for the remainder of the year. This puts very many people in very uncertain situations right now. Students are directly asking for specific help from alumni: help with a place to stay while in flux (whether because a student is from an affected area of the world, is housing unstable, any number of reasons), help storing belongings, help with transportation. Students have started a form for alumni and community members to fill out if they’re able to help. Here’s a link to the form, and information about what they’re seeking:

Dear Williams College Graduate and/or Member of our Support Network,

Williams College informed current students at 10:40 AM on Wednesday, March 11 that they are to be fully moved-out for the rest of the spring term and into the summer by Tuesday , March 17 at 5:00 PM because of the risks posed by the COVID-19 virus outbreak. Students were notified at the same time as all staff and faculty, so there continues to be uncertainty over how low-income, international, and/or house-insecure students will be supported in this process. Some concerns are how students can afford their transportation home and the storage or shipping costs that the College has not been clear about subsidizing, how students without stable housing can have access to stable and secure housing, and how students who it is dangerous or impossible for them to travel can have their needs met.

If you are able to host a student for any duration after Tuesday until they are able to return home and/or find other housing and/or until their summer job starts, or are able to store some students’ belongings for the rest of the spring semester and through the summer (until late August / early September), we would greatly appreciate the help in this difficult and confusing time.

Thank you so much for your generosity.

Sincerest regards.

(Thank you to the First-Generation and Low-Income Students at Harvard College for their model and for inspiring this one. Much of their language and questions are copied into this form.)

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