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Decision Day

The Williams Admissions department will be releasing regular decision admissions decisions today, though its not clear at what time.  Williams seems to be releasing its decisions later than many of its peer institutions (I know that Amherst, Bates, Swarthmore, Carleton, Grinnell, Smith, Haverford, Pomona, and Colby have already notified applicants), but I think a few days before “Ivy day.”  I wonder how many kids are out there who really, really want to go to Williams but are still waiting to hear whether they can.  Presumably many applicants for whom Williams was a clear first choice applied early and are in now.  I suppose some of them may have been deferred, and they might be waiting anxiously. Others may already be in their first choice, and so are not terribly anxious about the Williams decision.

Its possible, of course, that given current circumstances, plenty of applicants may not care at all one way or the other.  An Italian friend of mine, who lives in the most heavily affected (and infected) part of Italy, sent me the following note, which to me was simultaneously encouraging and chilling:

We and our families and collegues are all safe and healthy and hope to stay that way.
We are all working from home since the situation is really difficult. We have not yet reached the top of the number of people infected and the number of deaths each day.
Please take all the measures required to avoid that you find yourselves in the same situation.

So clearly selective college admissions cannot be at the top of too many people’s priority lists right now.  But I know that in my own house, my high school senior kid, who is very aware of what COVID-19 can do, is still planning on heading off (somewhere) to college next fall, so I’m pretty sure many (most?) Williams applicants are still interested in the decisions being announced today.

Best of luck to all!  Hope that those who want to become part of the class of 2024 get that chance!

UPDATE: Decisions were released at about 6:30 pm or so on the 24th.