Latest Amherst controversy:

EphBlog is torn! On one hand, we love nothing more than to bathe in Amherst tears.

On the other hand, we have major doubts about this portrayal of the facts. You really think that is the full story? That these lacrosse bros were just wondering around and happened, totally randomly, to shout these slurs outside the door of their African American teammate? I doubt it! Call me crazy, but there is more going on here . . . Or are you so naive that you still believe the racist graffiti Prospect House hoax?

See (pdf) for a permanent copy of the document from which the above excerpt is draw.

From the Daily Hampshire Gazette:

Amherst College has placed its nationally ranked men’s lacrosse program on probation for the 2021 spring season and fired head coach Jon Thompson following a racially charged incident earlier this month.

The incident that sparked the punishment was first reported by the Amherst Student on March 11. According to its report, members of the men’s lacrosse team chanted the n-word at a black lacrosse player, who then punched one of his teammates who was using the term.

In a letter to the Amherst College community signed by President Biddy Martin, Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of the faculty, and athletic director Don Faulstick, the school pointed out that the incident was just the latest in a pattern of troubling behavior surrounding the program.

The school is making itself ineligible for the 2021 postseason under the probation and has banned formal team gatherings until Nov. 1, which includes any player-run practices or other team-bonding activities.

Best part:

The letter described several other incidents that led to a decision of this nature.

One of those incidents was team members exchanging messages in a popular texting app, GroupMe, that were “denigrating and ridiculing” transgender and gender-nonconforming staff members. The letter also noted that members of the program were responsible in the past for vandalism in dorms and putting an undue burden on campus custodial services.

If you ridicule someone, you probably ought to be put in jail. Why hasn’t Biddy Martin contacted the FBI and reported this horrific hate crime?

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