From Inside Higher Ed (paywall):

The Education Department is beginning to disperse the $14 billion set aside for higher education in the stimulus package passed by Congress two weeks ago, beginning with $6 billion in funds for institutions to give students through emergency grants.

It’s unclear how colleges will be allowed to use their funding, although it sounds like Betsy DeVos is giving schools a lot of discretion in this regard.

So how much is Williams getting?  Inside Higher Ed has a nifty look-up tool (paywall).  I’ve copied Williams’ award below:

I suspect Williams will be just fine, but it’s worth noting that the general consensus in higher ed is that the $14 billion set aside in the CARES act will not be nearly enough.  Higher ed associations “had asked for $50 billion and said in a letter to congressional leaders Thursday that they need an additional $47 billion.”

I have mixed feelings about money of this nature going to a school like Williams.  What are your thoughts about federal rescue money being used to support public or private universities (and their students) more generally?  It’s worth noting that the $14 billion that’s been allocated so far is a small fraction of the amount allocated to support for-profit business.

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