Many readers thought we were crazy to give 50/50 odds, back on March 17, that Williams would still be closed for the fall semester. How do you like those odds now? President Mandel’s decision to re-open (or not) in September is the most important made by a Williams leader in at least 50 years. So, let’s spend a week discussing it!

Whether you think that our political leaders — people like President Trump, Governor Baker. Senator Warren, Congressman Richard Neal and Williamstown Select Board Chair Jeffrey Thomas — are fools or heroes, they are what they are. There is no evidence that they have the ability to get CV-19 under control. If even highly organized countries like Japan and Singapore are failing, we have no chance. (Would any EphBlog reader disagree with that forecast?)

So, today and in June and in September, there will still be hundreds (thousands? tens of thousands?) of people in the US (and in the world and in Massachusetts) newly infected, and highly contagious. That is inevitable. There may be better treatments. The hospitals may not be overflowing. Yet death will still stalk the land.

Before we dive into the details over the next week, I want both your forecasts and your advice. What do you think Maud will do? What do you think she should do?

Again, I don’t know what Maud will do. But, the more that I ponder where we will be, the more that I think the best choice is to re-open Williams.

Photo courtesy of Martin Kohout ’81.

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