The Director’s Cup – designed to recognize the top overall collegiate sports programs in the US – has been awarded for NCAA Division III programs since the 1995-96 academic year.  So prior to this year, it had been awarded 24 times to a Division III college.

Williams has won the award 22 times.

That is an almost unbelievable statistic.  Regardless of what anyone might think of the Director’s Cup, how its awarded, or what it signifies, to win it 22 of 24 times is an amazing achievement.  This long-sustained run has been carried forward by generations of students, coaches, and administrators.  The only two years that Williams did not win were 1997-98 (when UC-San Diego won and Williams finished 4th) and 2011-12 (when Middlebury won and Williams finished 3rd).

But Williams will not win this year.  With the cancellation of essentially all spring sports, and the failure to complete the playoffs for many winter sports, the National Association of Collegiate Directors of Athletics (NACDA), which administers the competition, voted to cancel the competition for the 2019-20 academic year.  Through the fall sports season, Williams was in 10th place, approximately 238 points behind Johns Hopkins.  Would the Ephs had rallied to win a 23rd Director’s Cup?  Impossible to say, of course, but last year Williams finished the fall season in 7th place, 208 points behind Hopkins, so its certainly possible that the Ephs might have won again this year.  Without a detailed breakdown of the remaining sports and how good the various Williams teams were, it would seem bold to bet against Williams, based on past history.

In any event, Williams will be the defending champion for the 2020-21 year (assuming that the season takes place as planned), with a chance to make it 23 of 25 years as the winners!

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