I am writing this post in the hours before the Reunion Parade on June 8, 2019. It appears today. My current plan is to retire from EphBlog 1,000 days from now, January 3, 2023, twenty years exactly after starting this adventure, and about 35 years after this photo was taken.

” . . . knows everything else about the campus . . .”

As true then as it is now?


1) Would EphBlog go on without me? Probably not. Any volunteers to take over?

2) I reserve the right to revisit this decision.

3) If you would like EphBlog to continue, then let me know below.

Why retire?

1) I have said most of what I wanted to say, solved the puzzles I wanted to solve. Why keep repeating myself?

2) I am tired. Blogging every day is a young Eph’s game!

3) I have other avenues for getting my academic fix. Now that I am college faculty, I want to spend more time on my students, my classes, and my university. That leaves less time for Williams.

4) Williams College, as an institution — and most of the people who run it — dislike EphBlog. Hate is a strong word, but lots of people hate us. Life is too short to be hated.

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