I couldn’t listen in on the call, but abl did and kindly posted a summary in the comments.  I’ve reposted that summary here so that it is more widely seen.  Thank you abl!

*A decision will be made re next year by July;
*Maud has several committees working simultaneously on contingencies, to help Williams be in a position to make as good of a decision as possible based on as up-to-date information as possible;
*One option would be to do winter term in September and to shift everything else back accordingly;
*It sounds like it’s highly likely that there will be some online instruction happening under any scenario (for immunocompromised students who can’t go to campus, if nothing else);
*It doesn’t sound like there have been any layoffs/furloughs, and it sounds like Williams is optimistic about being able to avoid any in the future;
* Williams is financially well positioned to weather this. It sounds like a lot of schools, including a number in Williams’ peer group (broadly speaking), are not.

I received this email yesterday:

Greetings from Williamstown, Alumni Volunteers.

President Maud Mandel is holding an alumni phonecast tomorrow, Tuesday, April 28 at 2pm ET. She will be joined by Provost, Dukes Love; the conversation and question and answer period will be moderated by Tom Gardner ’79, President of the Society of Alumni. As a volunteer for Williams, you are automatically included in this opportunity to hear from college leadership. You will receive a phone call shortly before 2pm ET. You can simply decline the call if you’re not able to take part. You can also call (877) 251-0785 at any point between 2-3pm ET and join the call. We will provide a recording of the call for listening at your convenience at a later time.

If you have any questions for Maud and Dukes you’ll be able to ask on the call or you can share your question in advance by using the form here.

As always, thanks for all you do for Williams. We’re thinking of you now more than ever.

Best wishes,


Brooks Foehl ’88

Curious to see what Maud has to say.  I will try report on what I hear.

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