College officials insist that, among seniors, there is “almost no support for a virtual Commencement.” How do we explain this?

1) Maybe this ceremony won’t feature seniors? After all, there is “almost no support for a virtual Commencement” among them!

2) Only black Ephs want a virtual commencement?

3) Maybe the College is planning for separate-but-equal virtual commencements, one for each racial group?

Stop the madness! There is obvious demand for a virtual commencement. Have a unified celebration!

It is not too late to pivot! Yes, College Marshal Jay Thoman ’82 has not covered himself with glory these last few weeks. (And declining to respond to e-mails from knowledgeable alums just highlights the traditional parochialism of too many Williams insiders.)

There College should announce that we will hold a full scale unified virtual commencement on June 7th, with breakout sessions which allow specific groups to gather for intimate celebrations. Just follow this handy schedule!

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