Economics senior thesis presentations are today and Tuesday. See here for the schedule and here for the posters. Good stuff!

1) I will be at today’s 9:00 AM presentation. The public is welcome, although you need to e-mail a request for the Zoom link.

2) I hope/trust that families and friends have been invited. Indeed, were I a member of the Department, that would be a requirement. CV-19 has mostly ill effects, but having an event like this on Zoom makes it much easier for others to participate.

3) Kudos to the Department for its commitment to transparency! I like both the requirement that students prepare posters and that those posters are public. But why do three students (just seem to?) not have posters?

4) Which presentation would you recommend to our readers?

5) Thanks to former faculty member Mike McPherson for being an excellent thesis adviser, just a few short decades ago . . .

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