Should we spend a week going through the fascinating You Know You Went to Williams When . . . Facebook group? Lots of interesting material, and another sign that the College is incompetent for not providing its own forum for such conversations.

But maybe Williams just wants to avoid stuff like this:

1) I have occasionally mentioned this story in the past. Glad (?) to see that I was not the only one!

A long-term member of the central administration is being accused of sexual improprieties, which included behaviors in the locker room (some of which you should be able to infer from what is posted here).

he would sometimes be leaving the showers then see us coming in and he’d turn back around and reshower.

I remember so many complaints from my friends on the swim team. They used to say he might be there for both their morning and afternoon workouts. Anybody verify that? This was late 80s

I can verify, as can the other squash bros! I wonder which team he was more impressed with . . .

2) How can this person still be a respected member of the Williams community? Why isn’t he banned from campus? I guess #metoo does not apply when the victims are Williams men . . . or if the perpetrator is homosexual (one assumes) . . . or perhaps the statue of limitations has run out . . . or . . .

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