For months, my claim has been that Williams students will be back on campus in September. I still believe that. But how might I be (partially) wrong?

Williams might follow a few (?) elite schools — like Stanford and Bates and (maybe) Harvard — and invite back only half the student body for September.


1) This would be a big mistake, almost as bad an own-goal as the botched virtual graduation. Be strong Maud!

2) The biggest driver at some schools seems to be the issue of doubles. These schools seem to think that they must provide each student their own bedroom. Perhaps! But note that other less wealthy schools — like Berkley — are putting students in doubles. Williams, fortuitously, has fewer doubles than (almost?) any competitor, so this is much less of an issue for us.

3) “Every room a single” has been a long-standing EphBlog recommendation for a Williams slogan. Now is the time to implement it! Although the exact mechanics are difficult, we will be fairly close this year, especially with more than the normal amount of first years taking a gap year and upperclassmen taking time off — although, to be fair, the lack of study abroad will cut the other way. The (complete?) inability of foreign students to come to campus will also free up space. Longer term, I would like to see Williams go back to more like 500 students instead of the 540+ that we have seen in the last decade.

Do you think Williams might bring back only half the students? Do you think we should?

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