From the New York Times:

President Trump on Monday temporarily suspended new work visas and barred hundreds of thousands of foreigners from seeking employment in the United States, part of a broad effort to limit the entry of immigrants into the country.

In a sweeping order, which will be in place at least until the end of the year, Mr. Trump blocked visas for a wide variety of jobs, including those for computer programmers and other skilled workers who enter the country under the H-1B visa, as well as those for seasonal workers in the hospitality industry, students on work-study summer programs and au pairs who arrive under other auspices.

1) Williams does not employ at lot of non-US citizens. But it employs some, right? I am especially thinking of some of the people who teach languages for a year or two.

2) Does this have any affect on foreign student enrollment, either directly or indirectly? Honest question! I don’t know enough about the sort of visas which allow foreign students to come to Williams. Does anyone? I don’t see any mention of this issue in the news, so perhaps there is no change, at least directly? An indirect effect would be that, if foreigners have more trouble working in the US — either during the summer or in the years directly after graduation — then US college is less appealing. But Williams is so popular that I can’t see that mattering.

3) Were foreign students allowed to hold campus jobs in the past? Does this new Executive Order change things?

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