Williams held a faculty/staff townhall on May 26. Kudos to the college for its transparency in making a replay (and transcript) of the event available, including (on purpose?) to the public. The Record, which has been excellent throughout 2020, did not provide coverage. Let’s discuss for a week.

The Straussian reading of this comment, from Dukes Love, is that Lenhardt suggested the exact opposite: The best time for Dukes/Maud to accomplish some of their key goals is in the midst of a crisis. Never let a good crisis go to waste!

Another reading is that Dukes fully intends to use the crisis in this way, but that he wants to lull his faculty opponents to sleep . . .

Question: What goals to Dukes/Maud have which might normally face faculty opposition? I am honestly curious! Maud seems to have put the free speech issue to bed. What else does she want to do which some/many faculty are against?

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