Williams held a faculty/staff townhall on May 26. Kudos to the college for its transparency in making a replay (and transcript) of the event available, including (on purpose?) to the public. The Record, which has been excellent throughout 2020, did not provide coverage. Let’s discuss for a week.

This is a great example of Williams faculty privilege: “I can’t possibly do my job if daycare is not available!” Well, then, Williams should go find someone who can. It is not the responsibility of Williams to solve your personal problems. Williams should, like any decent employer, try to help employees out in temporary emergency situations. But it is June! You don’t need to teach till September. Make some back up arrangements now.

I love the “hard to imagine” framing. As usual, the best way to predict the behavior of Williams is to assume that it is controlled by a corrupt cabal of insiders who seek to take advantage whenever they can. The reason why the committee can’t “imagine” X is because they choose not to imagine X. They want to make life as easy for faculty — but not necessarily for food service workers in Paresky — as possible.

Serious trustees would call Maud and say: If we are paying Professor X to teach at our residential college, and we decide that teaching in person is safe, then we expect Professor X to teach in person. But, of course, Maud and the Administration do everything within their power to make sure that alumni willing to ask such hard questions are never selected to be trustees.

And I love the stupidity at the end from Puddester! You have to decide on July 1. You won’t know, by then, whether or not schools and/or day cares will be open. (I would venture that they are highly likely to be open, but it all depends on where the epidemic is in the fall.) So, unless you are really planning to go full-remote — and you aren’t! — then this is just nonsense-talk.

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