Williams held a faculty/staff townhall on May 26. Kudos to the college for its transparency in making a replay (and transcript) of the event available, including (on purpose?) to the public. The Record, which has been excellent throughout 2020, did not provide coverage. Let’s discuss for a week.

1) Getting rid of Winter Study (temporarily, one hopes!) makes sense. Requiring just three courses does not, which is why no (?) other elite school has made the same decision. Previous discussion here.

2) Shouldn’t there be some data available by now? My understanding is that Williams students pre-register for courses in the spring. So, by now, we know just how many students have signed up for how many courses. If this is true, then the Record ought to ask the College for the data. There is an important story here! (Of course, just because a student registered for 3 (or 4) courses does not mean that she will take 3 (or 4) courses. But the data would still be informative as to where we are now.) Hey, student readers! Help us out! Did you pre-register? Was the process different this year?

3) My prediction is the a (vast?) majority of Williams students will register for four courses. What do you think?

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