Townie writes:

I’m coming at this from a different angle, but it’s pretty infuriating how much this Williams craziness is infecting the town as well. You’d think in the midst of this pandemic lockdown and complete uncertainty on the town budget, school openings etc, the town government would have its hands full. But focus seems to be exclusively on improving race relations and atoning for racism in the town. One of your admissions directors regularly writes what I consider to be crazy things on FB boards, about being terrified in town as a person of color.

Who exactly? (At first, I assumed that this would be easy to determine. How many Black admissions folks could Williams possibly employ? Turns out that the answer is 5! (Depending, perhaps, on your definition of Black . . . ) How do you think applications from students who are the presidents of their high school Republican Club fair at Williams today?

She said her son was refused service at a local store because he’s Black, and that she finds the sight of police triggering.

Did she really write that? Provide a link or screenshot, please! I certainly don’t believe that any Williamstown establishment would deny service because of race.

She’s also regularly attacking Ephraim Williams and the fact that the college and town are named after him.

Details, please! I have always thought that Williams College is lucky in that, unlike Yale and Amherst, its namesake had minimal involvement — or at least minimal documented involvement — in things like slavery and genocide.

Putting aside the wisdom of having someone who hates this town as an admissions director for the college, I also don’t see this as our problem. Let’s say I find the sight of women triggering. Does that mean all women need to stay indoors? No, it means I need to get help. But she is likewise terrified by all the racism in town and so we all need to…it’s not clear what. We are festooned with signs and protests, we’re establishing racial equality commissions, the planning board just announced they want to prioritize racial equality and investigate segregation in housing in our overwhelmingly white town. This is madness that’s entirely to virtue signal to one another and has nothing to do with the actual problems faced by people of color across the country.

At the board of selectman meeting on racism last week, a Williams student spoke and said he was at some club meeting in the basement of Thompson Chapel, when all of the sudden two white town policemen barged into the meeting and looked at him ( presumably the only Black person at the meeting) menacingly and put their hands on their guns and then left. Now if this actually happened as told, or if the admissions officer’s son really was denied service at a local store due to his skin color, that’s outrageous and illegal. I would fully support the town investigating both these incidents and throwing the book at anyone found to be guilty. But instead no details are forthcoming, no investigations launched, just more committees on studying endemic racism in town and blaming us for everything. This seems misguided, useless and frankly insulting.

I really hope the college gets its act together because the town is cracking up.

The trend has been in one direction for 50 years. Why should it stop now?

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