Anon writes:

I keep coming up with nothing compelling to suggest that there is institutional/systemic racism at places like Williams. Usually it’s the opposite — minority students are extended more resources and benefit of the doubt than white/Asian students (e.g., affirmative action).

Like I pointed out earlier, a lot of the things people provide as evidence of systemic racism — keyword systemic — are not examples of systemic racism. They make basic cause-and-effect errors. I just googled “systemic racism” and the first hit was an entire Bloomberg article making these false cause arguments over and over: .

But in academia, most people accept it to be painfully obvious that all white people, by default, reinforce systems of racist oppression. I don’t know how far removed you are from diversity training sessions these days, but that’s pretty much exactly the vocabulary they use. And they’ll say inflammatory stuff like this with zero support.

This is counterproductive and potentially radicalizing for people like me who are on the margins. I have less and less sympathy for their demands and increasingly think they have a delusional and destructive worldview.

I get the painful legacy of racism in America, but does it mean we have to throw empiricism, logic, and reasoned debate out the window as we look towards our future?

Yes, it does.

Could someone provide some concrete examples of “systematic racism” against Blacks at Williams College? I want something specific which is being done by a Williams person and which Maud could, presumably, fix.

It is, after all, quite possible — although disputed — that there is “systematic racism” against Asian-Americans in admissions. But I am looking for a policy/behavior which affects Black students/employees.

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