How many Eph athletes are taking a semester off? More than one!

In the wake of Williams College canceling the 2020 football season, former Duxbury High star Bobby Maimaron will withdraw from school and return for his senior season in 2021.

“It’s definitely a hard thing to hear, that the season’s getting canceled,” Maimaron said last week, taking a break from his work-from-home finance/business internship. “But you kind of saw the writing on the wall for a while, I think. That gave my teammates and I time to prepare and think about what we’re going to do.”

One good cancellation deserves another, so Maimaron’s plan is to withdraw from Williams for the fall semester and retain his eligibility for 2021, when he’ll return for his delayed senior season. Whether he goes back to campus in the spring or scraps the entire school year is still up in the air, but Maimaron said most of Williams’ football-playing senior class is taking the same detour.

According to Eph Notes:

As of July 10, 1,677 Williams students are planning to return to campus in September, when classes are expected to resume in “a reimagined way and with extraordinary public health measures in place for everyone’s protection,” as President Maud S. Mandel described in a June 29 letter to the community. According to the Dean of the College’s office, another 350 students have chosen to enroll remotely, 62 incoming first-year students are taking a gap year and 159 returning students are taking a personal leave for the fall.

How many of those 159 are football players? How many are fall athletes?

Side note: I have heard some weird chatter about financial aid policies impacting these choices in undesirable ways. Example: A student on a full financial aid package who comes to campus gets a free ride, same as always. If that same student, however,”chooses” to study remotely, then tuition is free (of course) but the student also gets a check (of how much?) to “pay” for her room and board at home. Is that really the policy? If so, that is nuts! Right?

For example, a student from a poor family could, by staying home, “earn” money for her family since her check from Williams is worth more than the money it costs to feed her. That is, Williams is causing poor students to not come to campus! True? How many of the 350 students enrolling remotely are on financial aid?

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