Former Williams Director of Athletics Harry Sheehy ’75 gave a too-honest interview to The Dartmouth last month. We are (mostly!) fans of Sheehy and were sad when he left Williams for Dartmouth a decade ago. (Relevant discussions here, here, here, here and here.) Sheehy is now very much in the tell-it-like-it-is stage of his career, so this interview is filled with gems. Let’s discuss for a week.

The Dartmouth: President Hanlon offered a series of athletic alternatives for varsity athletes whose sports were cut. Do you expect that students will pursue the opportunities he suggested?

Sheehy: My heart says Iā€™d love to see them get a Dartmouth degree, but frankly, I know what I would have done as a student-athlete. I would have looked for another opportunity, but not all of them will. To me ā€” and this is just me, personally ā€” having those other opportunities rings a little bit hollow.

Sheehy tells it like it is!

Question: Why are the only two choices available to Dartmouth so extreme? Sheehy acts like there are only two possibilities: full scale Division I participation (with all the admissions preferences which that requires) or club sports which receive no coaching support. Why not simply downgrade some teams from Division I to Division III, along with a decrease in travel/coaching/equipment costs? Dartmouth could (easily?) field a Division III golf program even if it provided no admissions slots and relied on local volunteers to coach.

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