In a surprising development, the local school district is recommending remote learning for the start of the coming year.

From iBerkshires:

On Wednesday evening, (Superintendent) Robert Putnam explained to the School Committee why on Friday he will submit to state authorities plans that see children from pre-kindergarten through ninth grade start the school year with a hybrid instruction model while the three upper grades at the high school remain fully remote.

I stated previously that this was a tough call. I favored at least partial attendance of all students with some remote learning. I also stated that I will support whatever decision is made. So, we will get in the boat and row.

But …

How does this happen in Williamstown with Williams mostly returning? If the concern locally is grave enough to keep students completely out of school for safety reasons, how can the town support the return of Williams’ global community?

Yes, Williams has gobs of cash to address mitigation, but let’s be real. The return of Williams carries at least the same if not greater risk than the return to local grade school. It is one of the bigger risks in the county. It does not make any sense to have Williams return if the risk assessment mandates remote learning for local grade school children.

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