Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom sent students an update on the fall semester. Let’s spend a week going through it.

An increasing number of faculty members (more than half so far) have informed us that they plan to teach remotely this fall. Some have personal risk factors to consider, and many with children are contending with the possibility of disruptions at local preschools and K-12 school systems.

1) What is the latest on local pre-schools? First, we have the College’s own Children’s Center. Will it be open? I hope so. Small children are at essentially zero risk of being injured by CV-19. Documented cases of children transmitting the virus to adults are also quite rare. Second, there are other childcare facilities in Williamstown. What are their plans?

2) Any updates on Williamstown Elementary School (WES)? In a world in which every elementary school in New York State is open, how can it make sense to close WES, just three miles from the border? Again, the risk to children is minuscule.

3) Updates on Mt Greylock Regional High School (MGRHS)? This is, admittedly, a harder case. But, fortunately, there is no reason why Williams faculty need to stay home to baby sit a high school student who has to learn remotely because the local school board isn’t smart enough to listen to Steve Miller.

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