Dean of the College Marlene Sandstrom sent students an update on the fall semester. Let’s spend a week going through it.

Upon arrival, students will be quarantined in their dorm rooms until they have received TWO negative Covid-19 tests. Initial quarantine is expected to last a minimum of five to seven days. During this time, students will only be allowed to leave their rooms to use the bathroom and to go to the testing site for their second test. All meals will be delivered into a central dorm location for pick up during quarantine.

In addition to the initial in-room quarantine, students will be required to remain on campus at least through September. This means that going to Stop and Shop, Walmart, and other off-campus destinations—even within Berkshire County—will be prohibited during this time, although students may exercise or hike with appropriate social distancing in the surrounding area.

What is the scientific basis for these procedures? Honest question! If the science — excuse me, the Science! — is clear, then why do different schools have such different procedures? Answer: Virus Theatre.

During initial quarantine, students will be restricted to their rooms, and movement will be restricted to bathroom access, picking up meals delivered to the dorm, and going to the testing site. Bathrooms will be stocked with cleaning supplies so that students can sanitize between each use. Students must wear a face covering when they exit their rooms for these purposes.

Perhaps — perhaps! — this might work if students were initially placed in special quarantine dorms and then, after the 5 to 7 days — and that is a pretty big range — moved to their permanent dorm with their friends. But I doubt this is the plan. They are just going to place people in the Carter House room and expect them not to come out of their rooms and chat with their friends for a week? Yeah, right!

Varsity athletes will not be engaged in any team activity (formal or informal) until the week of September 14th. At that point, coaches will work with athletes on approved outdoor training activities.

Why the hate on varsity athletes? The JV soccer team can play games all day long, but the varsity players can’t even look at each other? Club baseball can have practice every afternoon but varsity baseball can’t? What nonsense!

If activity X is a problem, then ban activity X for all students. If X is not a problem, then it does not matter if the people participating in X are varsity athletes or noners.

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