Williams insists that we take the concept of white supremacy seriously.

What would it mean for a powerful, predominantly white, alumni community to commit to being anti-racist? How can the oldest alumni organization in the country work to dismantle white supremacy? How can Williams alumni come together to support Black lives?

OK! But, to the extent that White Supremacy is a thing in, for example, US policing, it logically follows that other kinds of supremacy hold sway in other contexts. It would hardly be surprising if, for example, Chinese Supremacy was a causal factor in, say, the domination of certain industries of the Chinese diaspora.

Might Black Supremacy play a role in the NBA? Consider the pay and performance of Duncan Robinson ’17.

Recall how poorly the basketball community judged Robinson. No offers from Division I schools coming out of high school — hence his one year stay in Williamstown. Limited playing time at Michigan, including not even starting his senior year. Undrafted, and banished to the G-League for a year. Would any of that have happened if Duncan were Black? Tough to know! Just like it is tough to know if, when a Black man is arrested by police, he would have been arrested if he had been white.

I don’t believe that either White Supremacy or Black Supremacy play a major role in individual outcomes in US society. What do you think?

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