Great article from EphBlog favorite Howard Herman:

Williams College had given its students, including student-athletes, the option of taking the fall semester off and incoming first-years could take a gap year. Winter sports athletes won’t have their first contests until mid-November, and much about the pandemic could change between now and then.

“I personally am coming back in person on the usual schedule. Almost everybody on the team is doing that,” Williams men’s basketball player Spencer Spivy said. Spivy is a rising junior from San Francisco, but a junior who has family members in Berkshire County.

As of today, Williams has not determined whether or not winter sports will be contested and when those seasons could start. The school had posted Oct. 15 as the first day of practice for winter sports teams. That’s a change from the traditional Nov. 1 start date.

Last year, the first winter sports contests were played the weekend of Nov. 15-16. Assuming that winter sports are being played, it is not known if those games would start at a similar time, wait until after Thanksgiving or wait until January 2021.

“It was” a difficult decision at first, Spivy said. “Early on, when we received the news about [college president Maud Mandel’s] email, and that the fall was going to be a hybrid online and in person format, we texted in a basketball group chat the day of. We all sort agreed we’d be there in person together, in whatever capacity that is instead of going our separate ways in the fall. “After the team collectively agreed on that, it became a pretty easy decision for me to come back.”

Read the whole thing.

Williams should start up athletics soon. CV-19 is essentially zero risk to Williams athletes and, of course, they can always decline to participate. Other schools will certainly not be playing, but we should not allow their poor decision-making to hold our students hostage.

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